Thursday, August 27, 2009

Large Version of Half-Fish Lake Panorama

I decided that my first panorama of Half-Fish Lake was not big enough so I made another one at 50% of the original size of the photos. After cropping is is probably about 40% of the original. Unfortunately blogger seems to limit the size of photos so it didn't work. Sorry to disappoint. Here is a link to the large version.
Half-Fish Lake

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wind River 2009

Here is a quick update of some pictures from our trip. I spent some time Sunday using Autostitch to put together some panoramas from our trip. I will have to post some pictures about what we did later.

The lake above is Half-Fish Lake. Although it is unnamed on the map the two times we have been there in July we have found a half eaten fish on the northern shore.

This is the view of the lake from above.

This picture was put together with two photos. This is Upper Half-Fish Lake. It has Golden Trout in it, though we did not fish it long enough to catch anything.

Here is Spencer fishing the outlet of Half-Fish Lake. Dad and Jon are off to the right

Paradise basin.

Here is a view of Windy Ridge above Deadman Lake and the meanders. When I took the pictures I didn't plan to stitch them together.

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