Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Pictures

Things up in Gillette have been busy, yet uninteresting. Work is going well. I am discovering some of the challenges that come with the job. As in most jobs the most satisfying aspect is dealing with people. This is also the most frustrating part of the job. Thursday and Friday of last week were spent in Cody. Actually only a little time was spent in Cody. The majority of the day was spent dr
iving to Cody, and doing some inspections in the nearby towns. I met some really nice people during my stay. It is refreshing when customers are forthright an honest. Cody is a lovely area. The town is surrounded by arid wilderness. The city itself is clean and small. I checked out several real estate publications and the local newspaper to get a sense of the housing industry. From the little I saw it looks promising. There were about fourteen listings for apartments alone. There are probably not this many all the time as the college in Powell gets out next week. Prices for apartments are much cheaper than in Gillette which makes me want to move out there as soon as possible.

I decided to post some random pictures that you may not have seen before. Be sure to check out the video of the family hiking in Yellowstone.

Here is the Video (10 Mb)

Most of these next ones are from pictures I got from Mom and Dad.

Here are some in celebration of Jeff and Caroline visiting.

Owen kind of reminds me of Spanky from the old Little Rascals. I think it is the way he smiles.

Jeff's favorite task.


Blogger Jon said...

Way to go Greg....make me feel all nostalgiac for the cabin and stuff. Make sure you update us on the Cody thing...if you can move before September I'll come and help you do it. Of course, they should just pay movers to move you...that'd be way nice. Maybe I'll still come and help you get all your stuff unpacked. If you go again, you should take a ton of pictures of Powell and stuff.


11:42 AM  
Blogger Caroline McCann said...

Thanks for the pictures of us. Owen looks so little. I can't wait to be at the cabin again. We'll have to meet you there. We missed seeing you while we were here. Good luck with the job and you'll have to post some pictures of cody.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Katherine and Rick said...

Please destroy that video. Later in the evening, a huge storm with lightening,thunder, and tons of rain, moved right over us. Don't ever defy God, He has more power than any of us. (Of course, he knew I was just kidding.)

7:03 AM  
Blogger Laurissa said...

That was a funny video. It makes me really want to go hiking! I agree with Jon, you're work should move you. You should ask them.

7:50 AM  

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